Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Reflections on the Yoga Teacher Training Course

By Maitri (June Swinfield)  

Graduates in 2014
On deciding I wanted to train to be a yoga teacher, I looked around at the options available. I had visited the Mandala Yoga Ashram for a few weekends previously and whilst there I felt extremely nurtured, cared for and safe. When I heard that a teacher training course was coming up in the autumn it was the obvious choice.
Throughout the course we were supported at every stage. If we had any worries or problems there was always someone to talk to. We had a number of different teachers on the course, with different personalities and different teaching methods, which gave extensive input to our learning experience.
I can truly say I couldn't have had a better experience of learning anywhere else. All aspects of yoga were covered, giving us a taste of many teachings. It didn't feel like we were being filled with only academic knowledge. We were filled with experience and the joy of practice and felt looked after in every way at every stage of the course.
I will be thankful to all the teachers involved in the course forever, and although I live 700 miles away from the ashram in the north of Scotland, it will always be my spiritual home - I will always feel drawn back to the ashram.

This article can also be seen on the ashram blog, see http://www.mandalayoga.net/blog

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